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At the heart of the Historic Dockyard Chatham, Master Ropemakers maintains a process of ropemaking that dates back on this site for more than 400 years.

We still use the 1/4 mile long rope walk and machinery from the Victorian era, as well as on more modern equipment including our testing house, to make our rope. We use natural and synthetic fibres in manufacture and our team of craftsmen not only make rope but work with it: splicing knotting, net making, mooring ropes and creating bespoke products to customer requirements.

The tradition of producing the finest ropes for the Royal Navy Ships including the most legendary, HMS Victory (built here at Chatham), continues today with a range of new markets. Today your custom keeps the ropewalk busy to the evident delight of visitors who witness the process themselves.

Rope Suppliers to a long list of Trade Customers in a variety of sectors with products and services please do not hesitate to call for more information on how we can help you, please click here to view a sample of some of our trade customers. Alternatively please call 01634 823890 or email sales@master-ropemakers.co.uk


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A Guide to Rope Buying

While it is easy to buy your rope from us, it is worth considering a few important questions before you buy:

Firstly, have you selected the appropriate diameter of rope for the intended purpose?

Many tasks limit the maximum diameter of rope that will be suitable (for example, rope and post fencing, or stair banisters). It is important to always allow at least 2mm additional space for any rope; this will allow for "relaxing" of the rope which will occur over time.

Secondly, is the rope intended for use outside?

For outdoor uses, it is also important to consider that the rope will swell as a result of exposure to environmental conditions. We offer excellent synthetic alternatives to natural ropes that provide a natural finish with reduced reaction to these conditions (and information about using our natural ropes in these conditions). Our ropes are ideal for use as a skipping rope and are often used by gymnasiums and in tug of war sport.

Is the rope strong enough for the job?

If you are using your rope to suspend or lift, it is vital that you consult the datasheets provided for each rope. Be aware that the strength (tenacity) of your rope varies, based on diameter and material. Each of our products is accompanied by an accurate, detailed data sheet.

If you require any further information about our rope for sale or help with choosing the correct rope for your project please do not hesitate to contact us on 01634 823890 or email enquiries@master-ropemakers.co.uk

We hope you enjoy shopping with Master Ropemakers.


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