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Buy Chatham Hemp (Flax) Rope

Buy Chatham Hemp (Flax) Rope

"Chatham Hemp" rope takes its name from our site and is still made on the Ropewalk for you today.  It used to be made from hemp found in the Sativa plant but is now made from the Flax plant, more commonly known as hemp or flax this, 3 strand rope with its soft fibres and natural colour makes it the perfect choice for Stair Banisters and Barrier ropes.  Also a great choice for producing our dog toys and dog leads.                  

Our 4 strand Chatham Hemp is used as gymnasium ropes as friction burns are reduced. 

40mm, 44mm and 48mm are available on special request - there is a minimum order quantity of 10 metres for each of these size ropes. Please call the office on 01634 823890 or email for further information

Uses for Chatham Hemp:

  • Parrot Perches
  • Dog Toys
  • Stair Bannisters

We supply the following sizes:

8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 14mm /16mm / 18mm / 20mm / 22mm / 24mm / 28mm / 32mm / 36mm / 40mm / 44mm / 48mm

For trade prices please call us on 01634 823890 or Email us on

Important: Make sure you buy the right diameter as rope swells.  Click here if you need advice before ordering.


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