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Stair Bannister Ropes

Stair Bannister Ropes

A rope stair banister is the perfect option for unusual shaped stairwells or to make a great feature in a room.  Steep stairways in cottages, circular stairwells in castles and historic houses where ever you live a rope stair banister is a great alternative.  Choose between brass fixings, stainless steel and brushed nickel or to add that extra little something design your own bespoke wrought iron brackets.  The most popular rope for stairs is 24mm synthetic hemp because it is soft to touch and has a natural colour - outside staircase why not use a 42mm synthetic hemp for a greater impact!

For information on how to measure for your stair banister please click here



Handrail Designs

Handrail Designs
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Stair Bannister Rope 24mm

Stair Bannister Rope 24mm
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